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  • Deepening Partnership/CEO of SGH Mr. Ryan Stokes visits Shenhua GroupPublish Time:2017-03-17

    On March 7th 2017, CEO of SGH & Chairman of WesTrac Mr. Ryan Stokes, Chinese CEO of WesTrac Mr. Lawrence Luo, General Manager of WesTrac Mining Department Mr. Zhao Mingfang and other company leaders visited China Shenhua Energy Company Limited and were warmly welcomed by the vice president of Shenhua Wang Yongcheng. The two sides communicated with each other about strengthening cooperation.

    Mr. Ryan Stokes and Wang Yongcheng shook hands in a cordial manner.

    Friendly handshake between Chinese CEO of WesTrac Lawrence Luo and Vice President of China Shenhua Company Wang Yongcheng

    Firstly, Wang Yongcheng expressed appreciation of the products and services that WesTrac has been providing for Shenhua. Then he briefly introduced the achievements Shenhua has made over the last few years, operational performance in 2016, and the “1245” clean energy strategy. He further stated that Shenhua Group values friendly partnership with suppliers and strives to create fair, competitive orders and a standardized mining environment for all suppliers. 

    He stated that Shenhua Group and WesTrac Company have achieved increased mutual understanding throughout their cooperation and that their cooperation has increased in depth. As an energy company that centers on coal, Shenhua is establishing world first-class clean energy suppliers and clean energy technology plan suppliers.

    Hopefully the two sides will take a long-term perspective and strengthen innovation-driven cooperation. Cooperative content should focus on smart equipment, smart mines, and intelligent mining. Cooperation in product re-manufacture should be strengthened. Pricing and service mechanisms should be tailored to Shenhua’s customers. A service plan for Shenhua should include spare part, equipment rental, product remanufacturing, and product delivery. System should be improved in innovation technology, product, and service. Communications should be strengthened and problems that occur should be resolved in a timely way. Technology based exchanges and technology training should be provided to staff. A win-win situation for both sides should be established. Security should be provided for Shenhua’s high-efficiency and safe production.

    Business models and service models should be further improved. Cooperation between Shenhua and other related projects in Australia should be discussed. Shenhua’s requirements and requests regarding engineering machinery and equipment rentals overseas should be met.

    Meanwhile, hopefully SGH will bring into full play political and mainstream media influence in Australia and work as a positive coordinator for Shenhua’s project in Australia as well as the implementing Shenhua’s clean energy strategy.

    Informal communication about further cooperation was conducted

    Afterward, Mr. Ryan Stokes introduced SGH’s business and developmental situation. He stated that over the last 15 years after entering the Chinese market, WesTrac has been maintained a positive strategic partnership with Shenhua. In the future’s cooperation, WesTrac will continue to provide qualified products at good prices and with first-class service. WesTrac will positively build long-term cooperation with Shenhua and strive to reduce costs and increase benefit for Shenhua.

    Increasing cooperation and expanding the cooperative field via communication and working together for a better future.